Sadie: The Magic Miracle

In January 2013 we acquired a little Jack Russell who we named Sadie. It’s over 4 years later and she has made herself very much part of our lives. In fact I can’t imagine life without that little dog now! We have actually decided that she is not only the face of Scotchcoulthard, but that she isn’t really a Jack Russell at all! She’s been brought up as a Labrador / cat / human baby and she definitely has traits of all of those!

Sadie was actually dumped on us – I know that sounds awful but it’s true. Duncan and I came home from school, walked into an empty house and into the kitchen where there was a tiny little puppy sitting next to the AGA whimpering away. When I walked towards her she cowered away into her bed. I gently picked her up and within two minutes she was all over me, full of confidence and energy. Duncan and I were trying to find out what she was doing there and who she belonged to when Mum’s friend Sarah texted me saying that she was ours to keep and that she hoped we liked her. When Mum got home we found out what had actually happened – Sarah’s sister Nicola had a litter of pups and the two of them had decided that we needed one, despite Dad’s protests, so they dropped Sadie off at our house that morning, just as Mum was rushing out and couldn’t do anything about it – convenient.


Sadie is a dog of many skills; she’s a good eater, a fast runner AND she can fly… or so she thinks. I remember when I was little I dreamt that I could fly, as many kids do. Sadie however, took this dream to reality and flew out of the bedroom window. That’s right – she ran upstairs with Dad, into their bedroom, hopped onto the window sill and took to the skies. Dad also flew that day, downstairs and into the garden to see Sadie crawl through the hole in the gate and out into the back garden to play with the other dogs that had obviously caught her attention. To this day, we have no idea how she survived that. The only possible explanation is that we have been given a flying dog.

Sadie had another flying escapade which happened a couple of weeks ago. She obviously enjoyed that rush of air beneath her so much that she just had to try it again. Sarah had been taking rubbish up to the top of our drive in our Pick-Up and had the dogs on the back seat with her. On the way back down the drive, she saw something in the corner of her eye, turned around and witnessed Sadie flying out the back window. It’s safe to say Sarah nearly crashed the car she was in that much shock. I must rewind a little bit now to the time where Mum and I were driving down to the Milecastle, the local Pub, and Sadie and Heidi decided to come with us. On the way there, Sadie discovered a magic button that opened the window and managed to stick her head out, then her front legs. I grabbed her and kept my hand over that magic button for the rest of the journey. So to fast forward back to Sarah’s story – Sadie had obviously remembered about the magic button and decided to play with fate and make a dash for it out the window. Again, she came out of her adventure with no injuries and again, our explanation is that we actually have a flying dog on our hands.


Another of Sadie’s skills is one that I’m sure is rare for dogs. This dog is so well-trained, she can actually open cat food tins. Yes, that’s right, our Jack Russell can open a tin of cat food. No joke. Sarah found her one day with her nose buried in the tin, obviously trying to get the last little bits of food which were just a little bit too difficult to reach. Sarah also found the lid to the tin, with little teeth marks all around, showing Sadie as the culprit. Put two and two together, you get a tin opening, flying little Jack Russell – what more could you want?

Well to be honest with you, you really want that dog don’t you? This brings me to my last Sadie story in this post, I’m sure there will be more to come. The day before I was due to start University Sadie did a disappearing act – I told you she was a magic dog. Sadie went on a walk with some cottage guests, she and Heidi do this quite a lot so it’s no surprise. During the walk, both Sadie and their own dog disappeared into the woods. After an hour or so, they had managed to find their dog, but Sadie wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Now, to tell you truth, I wasn’t told about this story until a few days later, mainly because my parents knew that if they did tell me, I wouldn’t have gone to Uni. So forgive me if I’m a little blurry on the details. What I know of the story is that when I went out that Saturday afternoon, Mum and Dad were told about Sadie’s disappearance and everyone went out looking for her. By that night, no one had found her and the poor little mite had to endure a night outside all on her own – this is a dog who has made it a habit of sleeping in the bed, under the covers, every single night. How she coped through that night I really don’t know.


The next day, Mum and Dad drove me down to York, still not telling me what had happened the previous afternoon. They dropped me off at the accommodation, quickly unpacked my stuff from the car and swiftly left, while all the other parents stayed to help out – was I suspicious? No, sadly I expected that from them!  When Mum and Dad finally got home from a long drive, everyone was still out looking for the little dog, neighbours, friends, family – everyone. Someone had told a local farmer about the missing dog and he had been asking around. With a lot of luck they found her! Apparently, on Sunday afternoon, Sadie had arrived at a farm that was miles away from ours. She scurried under the front gate, ignored the dozens of chickens that were clucking around in the yard, ran straight up to the front door and knocked to be let in. The children at the farm were ecstatic that this little dog had come visiting and were hoping to keep her! Well that was pretty obvious, they had just found a magical dog! Thankfully, the family told the local farmer who told my family and she came home safe and sound, if not a little shaken up after her 24 hour adventure.

What a dog. She really is a mystery to us – her adventures never fail to surprise us and she is constantly putting smiles on our faces. Despite not wanting her, she was forced her way into our lives and changed it for the better. She is completely and utterly crazy and is full of life and adventure. You will love her from the moment you meet her.

So that’s the Scotchy story for this week – please email or message me your feedback –  I would love to hear from you! And please send me any of your own stories to share!

2 thoughts on “Sadie: The Magic Miracle

  1. We stayed at SC last June and Sadie immediately became a firm favourite with us. I’ve never met a dog quite like her and loved her company and sense of fun and snuggles! Delighted to have rebooked for our summer holiday at the end of August – simply can’t wait to see her (and Heidi) again and have her come along on our big doggy walks! Yay! And if any dog can fly, then it has to be Sadie.

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  2. Sadie is indeed a magic dog… The number of times I would sadly send her home to sleep in her own bed, shut the cottage door, then turn around to see her staring at me from the sofa.

    Or get up to make a cup of tea, only to go back to bed and see Sadie laid next to my wife in my spot!

    Can’t wait to come to see you again in August, Sadie!

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