Happy New Year!

I know this post is slightly late as New Years Day was 14 days ago but it’s been so busy here at Scotchy, this is the first chance I’ve had to write! Today we’ve had the first proper snow this year! Well, technically we had it on Saturday but that didn’t count. Today we woke up to white all around, with no sign of the ground.

This is just a short post to catch up on what’s been happening here over the Christmas holidays. We had our regulars back, staying in Hawthorn cottage and I experienced the true terror of nearly losing all of their dogs one night! And when I say dogs, there were 3 pugs, and 6 Yorkies/Chihuahuas (correct me if I’m wrong). So as you can imagine, when it’s a dark, cold and frosty night and you lose 9 tiny dogs that aren’t even yours, you panic. A lot. The Pugsnext photo is one of the pugs, looking at me in pure shock – questioning my actions. I mean, why would 3 little pugs want to go outside when its cold, dark, and pouring down with rain? This photo shows you the reaction I got from them. What the photo does not show however, is the 3 of them scattering very quickly after I took the picture, scampering up and down the stairs, hiding under beds, tables, behind the sofas – anywhere to thwart my attempts to put them back in their cage. I’m telling you; it was a nightmare. I finally got them back in their cage, when I let out the others out of theirs. Now these dogs are even smaller, and I swear, run even faster. AND there were more of them! They all went Yorkiesoutside and came back in with little hassle. The problems began when I tried to get them back in the cage. I was running around the cottage, trying to grab whichever ones I could while they tried to hide from me. I eventually got 4 back in the cage, but when I turned around the 2 tiny ones had gone. Disappeared in literally seconds. Could I find them? No, I looked everywhere. Finally I found one whimpering behind the sofaMe and Pug and got it safely back in the cage. The other, well this one was a dark brown colour so hid very well in the shadows. And thankfully, I discovered its hiding place on the first day.. in the tight little corner behind the pugs cage where it was pitch black. How did I find it you ask? Well the pugs were for once on my side, as they brought the little mite to my attention. So to finish the story, I left the cottage with all 9 dogs in their rightful cages. And I only had to wait a couple of hours to do it all over again… oh the joys.

Christmas Day itself was a delight, as always. We had our cottage guests with the million dogs over for Christmas dinner, and as they arrived, Sadie decided to spread some Christmas cheer.. twice in the Kitchen, 3 times in the Living Room, and a number of times in the Hall. There are still slight stains on Mum’s new Living Room carpet – she was not happy. Sadie, who in the last post I described as a ‘magic miracle’, isn’t quite as magic as we would like. To tell the story I’m going to take you back to Christmas morning, where Mum and I were making pudding; chocolate mousse.

We decided to do a chocolate mousse for a few reasons, it was supposed to be simple, it was supposed to be a nice little taste after a big dinner, and it was supposed to feed a few different taste buds. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the chocolate and eggs, so it had to be chucked – Dad’s job. What did he do? Well he left the bin bag with the ruined chocolate mousse, open in the Kitchen. This is when Sadie decided to treat herself to this little dessert. And when I say little, it included a whole bar of dark chocolate and 6 egg yolks.The reason she isn’t quite as magic as we would like, is simply because she was unable to keep it inside. Oh no, she thought she would bring it back up in a lovely chocolatey goo all over the house. Not what you want to greet guests with on Christmas Day.

Oh and did I mention that we discovered that the ‘magic miracle’ Sadie can also walk across a hot AGA without a problem? I honestly think we could raise millions of pounds if we sent her walking across hot coals. Who wouldn’t want to donate money to watch a Jack Russell do that?

I’m going to leave you that thought to dwell on, don’t worry, we wouldn’t actually do that to our beloved Sadie dog. Feel free to post any comments or feedback and thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi guys,
    I thought I should add, as the mum of the 9 little dogs left home alone for 24 hours, what Amy forgot to add as she is far to modest and wonderful is, if she hadnt been there (and Susan 😉) then my husband and two lads would not have been able to accompany me to hospital in Bristol for major spinal surgery and stay overnight with me as support. Christmas Eve the day after they returned my husband had to do the gruelsome journey of Scotchcoultard to Bristol and back with me, and they took our lads in and offered them tea and kept an Eye on them, AND then shared their family Christmas Day with us so my poor Julian didnt have to cook our Christmas lunch after his driving ordeal. I have to say what a fantastic job they did do looking after my babies, Mabel in particular my black pug fell in love with Amy.
    In return on one of my good days we took Sadie with us on a walk, the walk turned out to a be a huge one and all our dogs and Sadie were having a glorious time. Well until Sadie ran into some Woods, began screaming to which we went into panic shouting her, then a huge deer ran out right in front of us heading for the Woods on the opposite side, followed a few minutes later by a streak of white (Sadie running like a bullet !) on hot persuit. Now concerned for the deer we headed into the Woods looking for Sadie, I stayed with the rest of the dogs and realised Mabel was missing (in her striped jumper) she it turned out had been scared by the deer and had started running home. Sadie was gone, her screaming cries going fainter and fainter then stopped! At which point we had to walk home minus Sadie and tell Susan we had lost her. (Sadies pay back for ours hiding from Amy maybe) Anyway my husband loaded Susan into our 4×4 as Andy had gone to unload his vehicle but left the back doors open for the second time in as many days and dropped his cargo all over the drive (sorry Andy 😉) as they got through the gates at the top of the drive and headed down the hill where we had walked to look for her, there she was plodding her way home. As a thankyou for the lift back and for going back for her when we had lost her, the most intelligant dog in the world (who is also THE most car sick) promptly shared her heart felt Thanks all over our car. Lesson learned!
    We also were invited in for New Years Eve night too, which we have to say is one if not the most enjoyable one ever. susan is an amazing host and cook. Duncan (little) had put together a superb game, Andy had an ace name the song game and is a dancing floor king (at avoiding dancing). We had a wonderful night. We had as usual a cracking stay, but our dogs, well, with the help of Sadie can run twice as fast, hide better than ever and have mastered the ‘it wasnt me’ Sadie face. That little white dog sure is one on her own!

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