New Arrivals!

We’ve had a lot going on again at Scotchcoulthard, what with the masses of snow that interrupted a week of our lives, Sadie getting up to more mischief – she’s going through a ‘throw and fetch’ stage and has proved to be better at it than the labs! We’ve also just about finished decorating Hawthorn cottage with an extra bedroom and bathroom! Although the most exciting event at Scotchy happened last Wednesday…

It’s safe to say Sarah had an eventful night! Mum and I were on our way out on Wednesday, late afternoon and Sarah said she would feed the pigs. That morning, Mum had decided that Essie needed to come into the stable so she was ready when the piglets arrived. So, Sarah went out, fed the pigs and got Essie into the stable. Why would there be any problems you ask? Well, about an hour later Sarah heard Sadie barking. You know, the magic miracle? Well it turns out Sadie really is a miracle – if it wasn’t for her we might not have found any piglets! Sarah went over to the pigs to investigate and discovered to her surprise, that the outside hut had Sadie… and 6 piglets. How Sarah ever managed to get Essie into the stable without her piglets we will never know. Anyway, Sarah got on her hands and knees and starting retrieving the piglets, one at a time, out of the hut and took them to the stable to be with their mother. The next day when Mum and I heard about this little story, we were determined to get Sarah to recreate the moment and get back on her hands and knees in the mud, holding a piglet and recreate the moment for us so we could get a picture for the blog. As you can imagine, we weren’t very successful with that request.


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