EASTER.. and all the drama that comes with it!

As always Easter time at Scotchy brings about lots of new little animals, including lambs, little piggies and this year we even had a duck! Obviously I had to take a selfie with it – I mean, who wouldn’t?! It was a stereotypical little yellow duckling which everyone fell in love with as soon as they saw it – again, who wouldn’t?! Unfortunately, there is a story.. and there’s no easy way to say this but, the duck is no more…

When I say everyone fell in love with the duck as soon as they saw it, I’m not joking. Sadie (oh yes, it’s yet another story involving that little rascal) took a huge liking to it. In fact, that’s an understatement. She was obsessed. Little Ducky, the original and imaginative name I came up with for the duck, would happily be having a bath, or eating his food in his little cage on the kitchen counter. Sadie would be on the floor staring at said cage, her eyes fixed on Ducky’s shadow, her mind thinking one thing only… “I gotta have that duck!”. A week after its birth, it sadly passed away…

I was in my room, above the kitchen, and Mum was in her office when we both heard the usual tweeting coming from Ducky – neither of us thought anything of it as it did it all the time. A few minutes later Uncle Duncan found Sadie, and the duck in the living room, ‘playing’. It’s safe to say that Sadie’s idea of playing killed the poor thing, and it’s also safe to say that Sadie was NOT in the good books that week.

I promise that my next post on here will not be about Sadie, although that is pretty difficult when Sadie seems to love getting up to mischief. I should really just have a blog dedicated to the little terror!

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