Little Dog

So I’ve tried something a bit different for this post. I’ve written this for my Creative Writing Seminar. If you’ve read the previous posts in my blog you will know this is all based on true events, but I have embellished one in particular to fit with the task which was to write about transformation. For those of you who love to hear about Sadie, this is a post for you.

I was brought to this place by a woman. She left me in the kitchen next to a big warm thing. I was on my own. I curled up next to the heat and fell asleep.

A girl came in, and then a boy. The girl picked me up and cuddled me; I licked her face in return. The boy walked off upstairs. The girl was talking to someone. Two dogs came in; they were both bigger than me. The girl bent down and brought me closer to them. They looked at me and sniffed at me and the biggest one licked my face. That’s when I knew I’d found a home.

I like the other dogs; they’re my friends. They like to steal my food but I don’t let them anymore. They eat a lot. So do I. I’m only small though and sometimes I eat too much. That’s when I get told off. Then I sit in the corner on my own.

There are other animals that live here too. There are three cats and they all look the same. Two of them are really fluffy and they’re nearly as big as me – but not quite. One comes to me and brushes herself against me and I try to lick her. I sometimes get a scratched nose when I do that. The other animals eat in a smaller room away from us. But I can get in there. I think they put a little door in just for me to fit through.  The food in there is good. But I always get told off if I eat it. I don’t know why they put a little door there for me if I’m not allowed to use it. One day I taught myself how to get into the tin where their food was kept. I had to be careful though so I didn’t hurt myself. It was sharp. But the food was good. I can’t get through the door anymore because they locked it. I was sad.

I also like to fly. I haven’t seen the other dogs do it but I can. I simply jump and I’m flying. That is until I land anyway. I don’t think they like me doing that either; they get scared. I don’t know why though – I know I can do it. The other dogs can’t; they’re too big. I dream of flying one day. I want to be able to fly around in the sky with all the birds. I want to look down to the ground below me. I want the other dogs to look so small that I feel bigger and stronger than them. That’s my only dream.

“SADIE COME BACK! DON’T DO IT! DON’T DO IT!” But it’s too late; I had already jumped. I was in their bedroom. The man was shouting. I don’t know why; I’ve done it before. But this time was different. This time I had wings. Big beautiful wings! I flapped them and I was actually flying! It wasn’t a dream anymore. It was real.

The man kept shouting at me as he came outside. The others came out too and watched me as I took to the skies. No wonder things in the sky always look happy. They have the best life. Because they can fly. The other dogs looked up at me and were jumping. I think they were trying to get wings too but they’re too big; I’m just little. They call me ‘little dog’. And now I can fly.

When I landed they all rushed to me. I licked them all. I was so happy. They kept looking all over my body but they couldn’t find anything. I had lost my wings. I was sad. That night I curled up next to the woman in bed and found a cosy spot. I dreamt of flying once more.

So I tried again. This time it was with a different woman. We were in the back of a car coming down the drive. I put my front paws up next to the window and it opened. So I jumped out. There were no wings this time though. My paws just hit the ground. The women was angry and I got told off.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fly again.

Would LOVE to hear some feedback from you all and I’ll be back soon with more!

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