Scotchcoulthard four miles north of Hadrian’s Wall and is surrounded by splendid scenery with magnificent views and not another inhabited dwelling in sight.

We run 3 holiday cottages, 178 acres of land and a swimming pool. There are traditional hay meadows running down either side of the drive which are not cut until late July allowing many wild flowers to be seen and ground nesting birds.


Not only do we have the holiday cottages, but we also have plenty of animals, both pets and farm animals. Firstly we have the dogs; Meg, Heidi and Rob who are Labradors, and Sadie who is a Jack Russell. The cats are Mishka, Sasha, Kasper, Toby and Cal. Then we have Turner, the horse, Essie and Charlie, the pigs and a few rare breed sheep. As you can imagine, Scotchy can be quite hectic at times – especially when we have visiting animals!

If you visit the Photos page you can view some great pictures of the animals and scenery and soon I am hoping to get a page dedicated to the cottages!

My aim for this blog is basically to provide some information, while sharing some of our stories of Scotchcoulthard. I think this could be a good way to get the name out more and so we welcome any suggestions or ideas and definitely want some feedback on how to improve!

Also, any Scotchy stories you want to share yourself would be great – you can email me at info@scotchcoulthard.co.uk with your ideas/stories/pictures. You can also visit the Contact page for our website and Facebook Page.

Please feel free to follow our blog or connect with us on Social Media as well as liking/commenting or even sharing any of our blog posts! Hope you enjoy!


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